Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer

37 Wedding Songs to Slow Things Down at Your Reception

Upbeat tunes are great for getting the party started, but we can’t deny that wedding slow dance songs are just as important when it comes to having an unforgettable wedding playlist. From your first dance as newlyweds to the parent dances, there are a few major moments at the wedding reception when a slower song is more fitting. These slow dance songs can be played during the reception and throughout the rest of your special day to set the mood and bring out all the feels.

How to navigate your Wedding poses if you are camera shy

Are you an awkward poser, a camera shy bride and groom-to-be? Can I see some hands? I feel I need to share a big truth here: The majority of us humans may feel all-natural when posing for a selfie, but when it comes to our portraits, and let alone our wedding photography snapped by someone else, no matter how amazing they are at what they do, we start getting cold feet. Fear not! Below you’ll find some super-hot tips on how to make those camera jitters go away and nail those incredible wedding photography poses of your dreams! Read on!

What should you consider when choosing your wedding shoes?

I have a confession to make us a Cyprus Wedding Photographer: I’ve got a bit of a shoe fetish. From the beginning of my wedding photography career, I’ve been fascinated with wedding shoes. I’ve learned many sartorial lessons over the years. When it comes to wedding shoes, there are several pro tips I’d like to share.

It’s true that the wedding dress tends to take all the attention, but your wedding shoes should also be special. You should love them, they should go perfectly with the dress, and who knows—they may even steal the show if they’re cute enough, right?

Choosing the wedding cake

According to BAZAAR Bride magazine, when done right, your wedding cake is a statement piece that guests will not likely forget—be it for the decor, or its role as a delicious end to an incredible meal. The best cakes work double duty, impressing in both their look, and in their flavors. And if you don’t like cake? Cake extraordinaire Ron Ben-Isreal says, “You just haven’t met the right one.”Choosing the wedding cake is often one of couples favourite parts of wedding planning. However, it can be a trickier task than you think, with lots of things to think of.
There are thousands and thousands of wedding cake styles, types, flavors, prices. You feel a bit lost in this sweetness world wondering what is YOUR perfect Wedding Cake among all? Let us help you find out what wedding cake kinda couple you are!

Folegandros wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer Cyprus

The endless blue of the Aegean, the sun setting in the picturesque alleys of her country and the enchanting scenery that is created, are perhaps the most important elements for a couple to choose Folegandros for their wedding day. Folegandros is an island of the Cyclades with wild beauty, which is what I love most as a Folegandros wedding photographer…

Naxos Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Cyprus

One of the most common questions I get from couples is “what do I like to do in my spare time” and “what is my real passion”? As an individual, I feel very lucky since I have managed to turn my real passion into my work. 
Working as a Naxos Wedding Photographer was one of the most unique and truly rewarding experiences of my life.

Corfu wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a unique wedding photographer, then you have come to the right place. My only goal, working as a Corfu wedding photographer, is to create a romantic story from your special wedding day. As a result, you will receive beautiful wedding photos, by a Corfu wedding photographer with experience and love for what he does.  Corfu wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer
Hadjiapostolou Photography

It is easy to understand why being an Amalfi Coast Wedding photographer is so intriguing  for a destination wedding photographer like yours truly. I mean who would not fall in love with the South of Italy and an Amalfi Coast wedding? Ranking amongst Italy’s best wedding destinations, the Amalfi Coast is strewn with grandeur and tremendous beauty.

Belvedere Palace Wedding Photographer
Vienna Wedding Photography

If the terms “Regal wedding” and “Luxury wedding in Europe” are part of your upcoming destination wedding vocabulary?. Then chances are a Belvedere Palace wedding in Vienna is on your radar, or at least should be. As a Belvedere Palace wedding photographer allow me to say you’re in for the Vienna destination wedding of your wildest dreams. Belvedere Palace weddings can rival any royal wedding. Making your jaw drop and having your wedding guests marvel at the beauty around every step of their way into this luxurious Vienna wedding venue.

Vienna Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography

Seeking after the perfect Austria wedding destination to throw an unforgettable palace wedding in Vienna? One of the best parts of my job as a Vienna wedding photographer is the pure joy to see my couples happy on their special day. In other words, my biggest goal as a Vienna wedding photographer is to make sure that you get to experience your Vienna wedding at its fullest.
My Vienna wedding photography services will be there for you to capture and safe keep every emotion.

Snap your luxury wedding style and immortalize your love story. From the smallest wedding day details. To the grandest Vienna wedding decor, and from your finest candid shots to your Vienna fine art wedding portraiture you are in good capable hands.
Looking for dream wedding venue in Austria? As an Austria wedding photographer let me tell you that. Austria destination weddings are soaked in perfect locations and backdrop. From contemporary and traditional venues, and from castles to five-star hotels. In other words, if you’re dreaming of a Chateau wedding in Vienna or a Palace wedding in Vienna historic castles await to become the perfect canvas for your dreamy Austria wedding.