Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer

5 tips for the morning of your wedding

In the wedding planning domain, a frequently overlooked element is the morning of the wedding. Brides commonly focus their efforts on preparations during the months leading up to the wedding, giving priority to the ceremony and reception, inadvertently neglecting the importance of planning for the morning itself.

  1. Prepare the Environment: Ensure the room where you’ll be getting ready is ready for the camera. Delegate someone to tidy up before the photographer arrives to capture moments free of clutter. Eliminate any unwanted items such as jewelry tags or breakfast remnants for flawless photographic memories.
  2. Curate a Wedding Playlist: Establish the ambiance with a pre-determined wedding playlist. Have one of your attendants create a list or utilize ready-made playlists from platforms like Spotify. Music contributes to the atmosphere, infusing a festive vibe into your pre-wedding preparations.
  3. Nourish Yourself: Amidst the chaos, don’t overlook the necessity of eating. Grab a quick breakfast, even if it’s something light like cereal or pastries. Ensure you’ve had lunch or a snack before the ceremony to prevent hunger during significant moments, maintaining your energy levels for the day’s festivities.
  4. Indulge in Self-Care: Allocate a portion of your schedule for self-pampering. Enjoy a warm, soothing bath with oils (unless you have a tan!) and perhaps some flower petals. Create a serene ambiance with candles and calming music, allowing your mind to unwind before the day unfolds.
  5. Organize Hair and Makeup: Alleviate makeup stress by avoiding the last slot in the beauty routine. Schedule your hair and makeup for the mid-morning, providing ample time for everything to set perfectly. Starting early ensures any unforeseen issues can be addressed without haste, leaving you feeling composed and ready for your special day.

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