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Cyprus Wedding Photographer

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How To NOT Be A Wedding Bad Guest (In General + Some COVID Updates)

No one sets out to be a bad wedding guest, sometimes it just happens. Best case scenario for a bad guest, you never even know that the couple feels that way, people just talk about you behind your back. Worst case scenario, the whole wedding is talking about you right then and there and someone is assigned to “handle the situation”: YOU. The good news, it’s actually pretty easy to be a good wedding guest. Here are some of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The couple thanks you for educating yourself on proper wedding guest etiquette, but most importantly, future you thanks you! Now that we’ve got all that covered, what are you going to wear?!? Check out this article where we cover what to wear for every different type of wedding. Men, we’ve got looks in there for you too!

How to Pick Your Wedding Color Palette from Start to Finish

You probably already know that your wedding colors are important, but before you can start the bulk of your wedding planning journey, you actually have to go through the process of choosing them. Knowing exactly how to pick wedding colors might seem like a no-brainer at first—you choose a handful of colors you like and leave it at that, right?

How to Plan Your Honeymoon Amid the 2022 Travel Boom

If you’ve planned a wedding amidst this global pandemic we’re still thick in the throes of, you know a thing or two about the so-called “wedding boom” that has resulted in a surge in couples planning, a shortage of vendors, not to mention important items such as florals, and an increase in costs across the board. Unfortunately there’s another boom that’s been set off as a result of the pandemic—the travel boom—and it’s now impacting couples’ honeymoon plans.

37 Wedding Songs to Slow Things Down at Your Reception

Upbeat tunes are great for getting the party started, but we can’t deny that wedding slow dance songs are just as important when it comes to having an unforgettable wedding playlist. From your first dance as newlyweds to the parent dances, there are a few major moments at the wedding reception when a slower song is more fitting. These slow dance songs can be played during the reception and throughout the rest of your special day to set the mood and bring out all the feels.

How to navigate your Wedding poses if you are camera shy

Are you an awkward poser, a camera shy bride and groom-to-be? Can I see some hands? I feel I need to share a big truth here: The majority of us humans may feel all-natural when posing for a selfie, but when it comes to our portraits, and let alone our wedding photography snapped by someone else, no matter how amazing they are at what they do, we start getting cold feet. Fear not! Below you’ll find some super-hot tips on how to make those camera jitters go away and nail those incredible wedding photography poses of your dreams! Read on!

What should you consider when choosing your wedding shoes?

I have a confession to make us a Cyprus Wedding Photographer: I’ve got a bit of a shoe fetish. From the beginning of my wedding photography career, I’ve been fascinated with wedding shoes. I’ve learned many sartorial lessons over the years. When it comes to wedding shoes, there are several pro tips I’d like to share.

It’s true that the wedding dress tends to take all the attention, but your wedding shoes should also be special. You should love them, they should go perfectly with the dress, and who knows—they may even steal the show if they’re cute enough, right?

Choosing the wedding cake

According to BAZAAR Bride magazine, when done right, your wedding cake is a statement piece that guests will not likely forget—be it for the decor, or its role as a delicious end to an incredible meal. The best cakes work double duty, impressing in both their look, and in their flavors. And if you don’t like cake? Cake extraordinaire Ron Ben-Isreal says, “You just haven’t met the right one.”Choosing the wedding cake is often one of couples favourite parts of wedding planning. However, it can be a trickier task than you think, with lots of things to think of.
There are thousands and thousands of wedding cake styles, types, flavors, prices. You feel a bit lost in this sweetness world wondering what is YOUR perfect Wedding Cake among all? Let us help you find out what wedding cake kinda couple you are!

A Wedding Photographer in Vienna

Earlier last year, yours truly had the privilege of heading to the Austrian capital to meet my pre-covid bride and groom and discuss the particulars of their upcoming Vienna wedding. With the coming of 2020’s new stipulations on traveling, their luxurious nuptials had to take a rain-check for 2021. But as our location scouting did take place along with tons of visitations across Vienna’s finest locations. I just had to share some of the beauty I encountered with you and gently urge you to seriously consider this marvelous city as your wedding destination.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue

This is the moment when you and your fiance can start planning your perfect day. Where do you start? I’ve already scrolled through many websites if you’re anything like me and have a pretty fair idea of what dress I want to wear.

How to Find Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is the beginning of a lifetime of love. You have to look perfect on the day you marry the man of your dreams. Your wedding dress is going to be the centerpiece of your entire outfit, as well as the first thing eyes are drawn to as you walk gracefully down the aisle. A splendid wedding dress will transform you into a beautiful bride. With a little time and effort you can find the perfect bridal dress to perform this magic.