Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer


What is your style?

I’m a Cyprus Wedding & Destination Wedding Photographer with a deep love for natural light, historical venues, old-world charm, and all things European. To me, weddings are fabulous, one-of-a-kind, memorable, and “historical” (to your family!) celebrations. I feel that the photography should reflect that! At the same time, I do love capturing fashionable, modern, and beautiful portraits of couples and their family. You’re spending a lot of money on the designer gown, florals, professional makeup, the location and more… I want to showcase that WHOLE story in your wedding photography. 

The group photos

I absolutely take candid photos of the In-Between moments -those special snippets in time when things naturally unfold between the traditional, guided, or obligatory events of a wedding day- But also understand the value in expertly posing couples in a way that flatters and reflects their BEST qualities, when that time comes. I also work with my couples to create a family photo shot list in order to ensure no one is missed during group photos and to keep things flowing in a fun, upbeat way! I’ve been published in several magazines and understand that publications seek out photos of “the details” and special elements that the couple has spent considerable time and money on, which is why I also strive to tell the whole story by capturing those elements.

How Many Weddings do you Shoot Per Day?

I only shoot ONE wedding per day, and 99% of the time, one wedding per WEEK maximum. Some months I limit to only 3 weddings per month. I only accept 20 couples per year. Considering most wedding coverage averages 12 hours, and I’m on my feet or jumping, running, squatting and finding myself in all kinds of strange contortions to “get the shot”, I don’t think I am physically capable of more than one per weekend! I’d need a clone!

How many photos will I receive?

This is difficult to answer, because it varies between wedding to wedding. Generally you will receive approximately 800-1000 images from the day, but it doesn’t mean it will be limited to that number, but rather, I will attempt to give you every single good photo, all of them edited, delivered electronically in high resolution with no watermarks of any kind.

What Will you Wear to my Wedding?

Good question! I prefer to wear things that would blend in with the guests and reflect the mood and style of your formal affair!

Where are you based?

I am currently based in Cyprus.

Will you travel?

Of course. Whether it is for business or leisure, travelling is my favorite thing to do. I LOVE destination weddings!!!

My Church/Reception is dark/outside. Do You Bring Lighting Gear?

Totally! We can photograph anything, anywhere, anytime! We bring several “off camera flash” stands and can set them up virtually anywhere in order to ensure beautiful light anywhere. If you prefer no flash/lighting for a candle-lit look, I can also accomodate that, though!

Do You Photograph Same Sex Weddings?


When can we expect our wedding material?

It depends on the time of the year we shoot the wedding. If your wedding is shot in a very busy wedding season, it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks. If your wedding is shot off-season, it will take around 4 to 6 weeks. It takes time to carefully edit and craft every image and I want you to have the best result for your special day.

Do your provide videography/cinematography services?

I specialize in wedding photography only and focus my attention on photographing the wedding events only. However, we collaborate with wedding professionals in the area and can team up with a videographer team to deliver the complete service you might require. Mention the need for a videographer when contacting us to book a wedding date and I will provide you with options and estimates for a videography service.
If you already have your own videographer/cinematographer that is absolutely ok.

How can we request/book for a date?

Click here to visit the Book Me page.

“What is a first look and why couples decide to have one?”

The first look is part of the wedding day and is the time when the groom sees the bride in her dress for the very first time before the wedding ceremony. This is very private and exciting moment, where the groom is usually waiting at a certain location and the maid of honor or another close to the bride person brings the bride to this location. The moment when the groom turns around to see his bride and the emotions following this moment are worth capturing for many couples. I have photographed grooms crying from joy, hugging the bride followed by giggles and laughs. It is a moment that each couple has for themselves without the stress of the wedding ceremony and in front of all family and relatives.

Excellent opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity to live through the moment and for both the bride and groom to cherish this private moment. I usually photograph this remotely and capture lots of candid images which talk of the emotions, passion and feeling each couple has for each other. This is completely optional part of your wedding. If you are person who enjoys to have personal moments with its partner in private and prefers to display its feelings without in private, that this could be a good for you.

What to wear to my session | wedding, engagement and lifestyle photoshoot

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what do we wear for our portrait session?” So if you are feeling at a loss of where to start- I have put together my top 5 tips for what to wear for your portrait session to help you plan the perfect outfit to help show case the your real you.

  • Choose clothes that reflect your personality & that you feel comfortable in
  • Complement each other.. this doesn’t mean you have to ‘match’
  • Bold is good & layers are better
  • Keep the season in mind & location of your shoot
  • More options, the merrier.

“Are you going to post my images on your or other blogs and why?”

Yes. I am usually post images from my clients on my blog to give the couple and their friends a preview of the final wedding images. This is a good way to get a curated selection of few images which tell the wedding day story without having to scroll through hundreds of final images. It also provides a visual examples to new clients to see my style in reality. Get sense of the post-processing I offer, effects and final look they can chose from. I also do submit selected images to wedding blogs following their strict set of rules and guidelines. One thing is certain: your personal information except may be from your first names would not be revealed to anyone without your explicit written permission.

“Can I get my wedding images published to other wedding blogs or magazines?”

Sure. I do submit my wedding images and create wedding stories for many online wedding magazines and blogs. Each one has very specific and strict rules about the images and context they require, so it takes time to craft and submit all this to them. On their side they also carefully review and curate the content before approving it for publication. I would glad to share any details about your wedding images being published, so feel free to contact me and I will provide this information.

“How can I see your prior work to determine if your style matches my expectations?”

I maintain a business website with all relevant information and recommend that you explore the information on it to fully understand my photography style, familiarize with my wedding packages and pricing.

What if I have to cancel my wedding? Do I get back my deposit?

The booking fee is non-refundable. Once I receive a down payment from you it means I am committed to keeping that day exclusively for you & therefore I will reject other clients that come my way.

What Kind of Gear do You Use?

I shoot with professional Canon photographic equipment and shoot in RAW digital format on a full frame camera. I carry a wide range of professional L series lenses and several flash. In other words, the good stuff! I refuse to take a chance on not having the BEST gear for your big day!

Do you shoot film?

I love shooting film. I use medium format film cameras. So if you equally treasure the soul and depth of film photography, please let me know in advance, as during a wedding coverage the presence of a second photographer is required.

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