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Cyprus Wedding Photographer

How to pose for your wedding photos

Your wedding photographs serve a greater purpose than just being shared on social media or adorning your home’s walls—they become tangible reminders of the day when you and your partner pledged a lifetime together. These images provide you and future generations with the opportunity to relive every special moment of your wedding day, encapsulating the essence of your heartfelt “I do.” While the pressure to ensure perfection in these photos is common, the key lies in hiring a skilled wedding photographer and trusting them to guide you in adopting natural poses that emanate authenticity. Presented below are ten recommendations for effective posing in wedding photos:


The foremost advice for posing is to relax and enjoy the moment. The objective is to capture authentic and spontaneous moments rather than contrived poses. Allow the photographer to take the lead while you immerse yourself in the special occasion.

Keep youe Back straight 

Good posture is crucial for better photos. Keep your back straight, stand tall, and ensure your shoulders don’t hunch forward. Elongating your spine makes you look slimmer and taller in all your photos. In situations where there’s a height difference, like between the bride and groom, aim to pivot the head from the shoulders while keeping the back straight, especially during kisses. Strive to follow this golden rule whenever possible!

Engagement Photo Session

To alleviate stress on your wedding day, do not overlook the engagement photo session. This session helps you become at ease in front of the camera and discern your preferences for photos.

Angle your body

When posing together with your partner, refrain from standing directly side by side facing the camera. Opt for a 45-degree angle, slightly turning towards each other. This not only provides a more flattering angle by minimizing body width but also cultivates a more intimate pose, allowing for a natural and relaxed interaction between you and your partner.

Empty Pockets

Prior to the photo session, ensure your pockets are empty. This includes leaving behind items such as cell phones, keys, and wallets to streamline the process.

Jacket Buttoned

If you are wearing a jacket, fasten at least one button unless the photographer suggests otherwise for a more casual appearance.

No Hair Ties or Smart Watches

Examine your wrists before the session, as accessories like hair ties and smartwatches can detract from the overall visual appeal of the photos.

Feet Pointed Toward Your Partner

For couple portraits, direct your feet toward the camera rather than each other to achieve a more intimate look.

Slow Down 

Typically, couples find themselves with limited time for wedding photos. However, rushing through these moments can lead to less-than-ideal portraits. Take a moment to slow down, whether you’re twirling or walking towards the camera, and move at a more leisurely pace than usual. It doesn’t require a complete halt, but take it step by step, being mindful of your partner. Feel free to walk back and forth a few times if needed; you don’t have to capture the perfect shot in a single attempt.

Avoid Overthinking Poses

Instead of attempting deliberate poses, concentrate on natural ways of being together, such as gently placing your arm around your partner. Often, the best images result from spontaneous and authentic reactions.

Trust your photographer 

A proficient wedding photographer strikes a balance by offering guidance and capturing those unscripted, emotional moments that give your photos a unique touch. Selecting the right photographer and establishing a connection with them is crucial. To facilitate this, I include pre-wedding or engagement shoots in every wedding package I offer – an excellent opportunity to build rapport and ensure your special moments are beautifully captured.

If you’re seeking a wedding photographer who collaborates with you to ensure comfort in front of the camera on your special day, your search ends here! Reach out, and let’s discuss how I can capture the narrative of your day, moment by moment.

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