Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer

Elegant wedding in Minthis Resort
George & Elena


Embark on a romantic journey and explore the captivating Minthis Resort in Paphos — a wedding destination that is certain to leave your guests in awe. This enchanting venue, adorned with lavish amenities and embraced by breathtaking scenery, is the ultimate choice for couples seeking a sublime setting to exchange their vows. With luxury and natural beauty intertwining, it provides an unparalleled backdrop for the most special moments of matrimony.

Enter the enchanting love story of George and Elena, two souls deeply in love, who brought their dream wedding to life in this fairytale retreat. Under the guidance of an exceptional wedding planner, every detail was meticulously orchestrated to ensure the seamless execution of their envisioned celebration.

Minthis Resort unfolded as the idyllic canvas for their special day. Featuring picturesque gardens, expansive lawns, the majestic mountains of Paphos, and a historic Byzantine monastery where George and Elena chose to unite in marriage. The carefully chosen white floral decor seamlessly blended with the natural surroundings, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a true fairy tale.

The historic beauty within the walls of the Byzantine monastery added an extra layer of charm, providing a truly unique backdrop for a ceremony filled with timeless elegance. As the evening progressed, champagne toasts resonated, allowing guests to savor the magnificent Cypriot landscape stretching across acres. The flickering candlelight in the Clubhouse added an intimate touch, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

George and Elena’s wedding highlighted the venue’s versatility, creating cherished moments throughout and making Minthis Resort a space where memories of its historical and natural beauty linger in the hearts of all who experience it. It truly became a stage for a magical celebration blending love, history, and nature.




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