Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer

Maria and Abdo’s Love Story


Maria and Abdo’s love story began in the vibrant city of London, where they first crossed paths and embarked on a long-distance relationship before finally uniting in the stunning city of Dubai. Their wedding was a celebration of natural elegance and pure happiness. The ambiance was adorned with a delightful array of white, green, and peach flowers from Splendid Events, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. The church was embellished with beautiful blooms from Ayioi Anargiroi, adding a touch of grace to the sacred ceremony. The Grecian Park Hotel served as the perfect venue for their joyous union, providing a picturesque backdrop for their special day.

A highlight of their wedding was the incorporation of cherished traditions. Both Maria and Abdo partook in the Allamata, symbolizing the unity of their hearts. The traditional Lebanese band accompanied the groom to the church, creating a jubilant and spirited atmosphere with the rhythmic beat of drums.

The couple made a grand entrance to the dinner reception with a captivating Lebanese zaffe, captivating their guests with a display of cultural richness and exuberance. Maria, with a passion for music, movies, and nature, radiated beauty and grace on her wedding day. Abdo, with a love for nature and exercise, showcased his handsome charm and unwavering devotion. The enchanting zaffee was orchestrated by the talented Ralph, while the live performance by Averkiou Christina added an extra layer of enchantment to the festivities.

The delectable cake, crafted by the talented Annie Ioannides, was a sweet symbol of their enduring love and shared joy. Maria looked resplendent in a WONA concept wedding dress, accentuated by the timeless elegance of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. The alluring fragrance of D&G perfume added a touch of allure to her ensemble, while Abdo exuded sophistication in a Boggi suit and Carmina shoes, complemented by the understated elegance of Mont Blanc cufflinks and Armani perfume. Maria’s stunning bridal look was completed with an ICON hairstyle, and her radiant glow was enhanced by the skilled hands of Crystal Michael for makeup. Their wedding was a true reflection of their love, blending tradition, elegance, and joy in a harmonious symphony of celebration.




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