Cyprus Wedding Photographer
Cyprus Wedding Photographer

Rustic Autumn Wedding in Lefkara
Andreas & Nicoletta


There is something special about autumn glow in Cyprus. Beautiful golden light glimmers as the Sun slowly fades behind the horizon, enveloping the whole ambiance with its gilded bliss. The landscapes are breathtaking, setting the perfect scene for a romantic soiree. That being said, Nicoletta and Andreas couldn’t have picked a better time to host their rustic wedding. Even though their original date got postponed and they patiently waited to realize their dream, I can tell you, it was all worth it – a magical event that will be forever remembered!

Before we immerse into the poetry of their rustic wedding, their tale deserves its own spotlight. The couple met back in 2011 when they were studying in Leicester, England. After spending many years together, they decided to have a vacation in London in July 2018, and even visit this wonderful city where they met. Sharing an amazing time and visiting all of their favorite places in Leicester, the trip was a walk down memory lane filled with the most beautiful emotions. When they got to the place where Nicoletta lived for 3 years, Andreas proposed to her in front of the door of that house. Can you think of a more meaningful way to crown their unity and step into their next chapter?!

Even though their wedding dates got postponed twice, this stunning couple embraced everything with positivity. They knew that when the time came, it was going to be iconic with the help of their talented vendors. Naturally, I couldn’t be more grateful that they made me part of their story.

The Big Day

The morning arrived gently and lovingly with the wedding preparations and heartwarming anticipation. Nicoletta savored every moment and when she finally got dressed in her boho wedding dress, the realization of “it is finally happening” started slowly to settle in. She wore a bespoke gown by the designer Litous. I can safely say that it was awe-inspiring! The A-line design featured a handmade kippur lace, a tulle silk skirt, and gorgeous long air sleeves that left a dramatic statement. What was even more charming was the fact that the designer also created a miniature version specially for her daughter!

The day reached an emotional epiphany when Nicoletta saw Andreas with their daughter Olivia at the church. After the beautiful sacrament, the couple with all of their friends and family headed to celebrate this immense joy! Both the ceremony and rustic wedding reception were adorned with the most gorgeous floral decor. They chose light pink mini roses, white roses, lycianth, eucalyptus, and a gorgeous pop of burgundy alstroemeria. The reception was hosted outside the Dafermou Winery, curated with beautiful wooden tables. The boho wedding aesthetic added a beautiful touch with pink porcelain placemats and gray table runners. Certainly, the most delightful details were the pomegranates with their good luck and abundance symbolism. Every detail was thoughtfully included to achieve the perfect rustic wedding ambiance. Complemented with fairy lights and dancing into the night, their special day felt like a dream come true.

I hope Nicoletta and Andreas’ rustic wedding inspired your senses! If you wish to discover more stories, feel free to browse through my other galleries. Love my style? Connect with me and I would be honored to document your big day.





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Fear not as we will build it, mould it and shape its beginning together. My simple, humble and intentional acts I promise to be the most meaningful.

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