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Island weddings have such a limitless appeal. They carry something about being cut off from the mainland that stirs the senses and sets a couple in a getaway state of mind. They signify both escape and closeness, retreat, and return, and anywhere one ends up, be it in near the shore or on a higher perch they are surrounded by blue. For Maria blue did not only carry the obvious connection to her wedding with Thomas (along with something new, old and borrowed), and an obvious nod to her island locale, but also happened to be the hue of her favorite stone, lapis lazuli, and her ultimate choice for a wedding celebration scheme.

Not only did the couple used the color as an accent throughout their ceremony and reception space, see, blue hydrangeas, eryngium and delphinium, dusty blue table cloths and lapis glassware, but they tied the knot in a beautiful village, where almost every home facade is painted blue, inside a blue church; their guests and VIPs wore blue, and their first dance was a delightful waltz underneath midnight blue skies, among tinsel blue sparklers! Kanela Mavri Zahari made it all possible by effortlessly pairing powder blue patina wood elements, crystals, a sea of candles, a marble, blue-vein cocktail bar, and string lights, creating a magical narrative force and character for the wedding, and a captivating ambiance for everyone to indulge in.

The couple’s portraits began near their ceremony location and initially, there was a mood to keep things short and sweet. As their wedding photographer I wanted to provide them with the best service possible, hence my conviction that Thomas and Maria should spend a significant amount of time enjoying the process rather than simply having a few portraits taken. With our session progressing I was so happy to see my groom ease into his shots and soon our portrait session moved through some of Cyprus’ most scenic locations, including a walk in the clouds among lush vineyards and a stopover at a picture-perfect village Lefkara (a must-visit in Cyprus). Soon as we were back at the reception, and following cocktails it was already dark and the bride and groom moved right into their first dance. I haven’t seen a couple having more fun than these two.