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One of the most common questions I get from couples is “what do I like to do in my spare time” and “what is my real passion”? As an individual, I feel very lucky since I have managed to turn my real passion into my work. 
Working as a Naxos Wedding Photographer was one of the most unique and truly rewarding experiences of my life.

Meeting so many beautiful couples who came to Naxos to make their dreams come true, is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Hence why I’m so happy to be a Naxos Wedding Photographer.

However, apart from the previous reason, my choice to work as a Naxos Wedding Photographer had to do with the unique Cycladic atmosphere of the island. The sort of atmosphere which works as an ideal setting for those who choose to unite their lives on the island.

Your unforgettable summer wedding

On this historic island you will find all the magic you need for an unforgettable summer wedding. The reference point of the island, the most famous attraction and most photographed point is the giant Portara, a marble door leading to the temple of Apollo.

Naxos, with its intense natural beauty and historical background, retains its traditional character and color.

It is a beautiful island, with a cosmopolitan aura and ethnic-boho touches. Therefore, it is a great option for you. To organize your wedding against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean and the dominant local products of the unique flavors of the island.

The chapels and the picturesque churches will host the mystery of your wedding in an idyllic setting and the summer meltemi will cool the excited faces! No matter how traditional or boho-style you would like your wedding to be, the cosmopolitan country of Naxos will give you plenty of options for the party or reception that will follow.

Moreover, you should not omit from your menu the exquisite local wines and famous cheeses as well as other delicacies of the island.

If you decide to organize a beach party, the beaches of Naxos will enchant you with their golden sands and their clear blue waters, and additionally the beach bars you will discover, will amaze you!

The natural beauty and historical importance

Furthermore, you will be able to combine your big day with the honeymoon. How… by taking the opportunity to explore all the beauties of the island. Its beaches and mountains. The famous villages and the town but also places of natural beauty and historical importance will bewitch you! On this occasion, you could also combine your wedding photography in the romantic sunsets by the sea or in Portara with the view that shocks you.

In conclusion, your choices in the island of Naxos are so many. So you can organize the wedding of your dreams with the aura of the Aegean. The taste of Naxian wine and to exchange vows of eternal love in front of the temple of Apollo!

Meet me

My name is Panayiotis Hadjiapostolou, photographer and creative artist. As a patient gatherer of moments, I perfectly understand how special but fleeting they can be, and how precious your time is to you.

Your Big Day will go by in a flash.. and I will be there, in the background. Capturing all the delicious little things of movement and life; your perfect memories … all bottled up to inspire a harder laugh, a louder dream and a better life.
Feel free to contact me directly for a consultation on personalized services, tailored to your needs.
Congratulations on your wedding and remember. Nothing is a stretch too far when it comes to making you happy.

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